What Makes a Great Motorcycle Game?

Italian developer Milestone conceived the Ride series as a true celebration of everything related to the exciting world of bike games. Although the first two games were nothing special, the developers decided to switch to the Unreal Engine 4 launcher for the third game and deliver their biggest game in the series, which can offer a lot to racing fans.

Milestone is one of the few developers to support the motto of games actively, but it must be admitted that the quality has not always been at the level we expect for full-price games. Developers have only released five games this year, and although Ride 3 is making a big difference, especially when compared to the original game, this time around it lacks the finishing touches and polish that would push this title to the top of moto games.

A rich campaign
Ride 3 is a huge game. Developers have prepared a new campaign modeled after older Gran Turismo games with a small touch of Forza titles. This time of your campaign is divided into a variety of magazines that contain various types of races and competitions through which you collect asterisks that also serve you to unlock new levels of magazines. Completing individual numbers brings you rewards like new engines and special numbers that, in addition to your racing set, unlock you, and especially exotic motorcycles that can only be unlocked this way. The game also tries to be an encyclopedia for motorcycle fans, so the game downloads are filled with interesting information from the world of motorcycling and descriptions of individual engines.

There is also a special photo mode.

The campaign is really huge and has over 2,000 stars to complete, so if you really want to unlock and complete everything, this is a title you can play for a very long time. Many people’s campaigns might be annoying at first because the developers decided to use the older approach, starting with the weakest engines of the smallest cubic meters to gradually unlock the stronger engines and competitions that will be the most interesting part of the campaign for many.

The game has over 200 motorcycles and over 30 locations covering everything from well-known trails like Monza and Nürburgring to point-to-point racing in America. There are also some more exotic trails like the Macau Race night edition. You can see that the developer spent the most money on modeling motorcycles that are the real star of this game, so motor fans will definitely enjoy collecting a whole lot that counts a lot of engines that can’t wait to spin them on their favorite track. For the most part, the quality is quite high, but models that have not received the same attention as other motorcycles can be found. Some even lack components such as disks, so I hope the developers will further refine some models through the patch. The sound is pretty solid, but some models don’t sound as good as the others.

Finally 60 FPS
The Ride series has so far been at just 30 FPS on consoles, which has made gameplay impaired due to difficult and slow handling. The developers have offered a new performance model for the trio that finally reaches 60 FPS, which are of great importance in exchange for a slightly weaker display. Unfortunately, this only applies to PS4 Pro and Xbox One consoles, so if you still use the old consoles, expect the same performance as in past games. The Pro and One X also have a special high-resolution mode that returns framerates to 30 FPS, but I wouldn’t recommend this in addition to the 60 FPS option, which is very important in a single racing game and makes a drastic difference.

Dash view.
In addition to a great campaign, the game has classic fast-paced modes such as a regular race, and thus an attack and a drag race. There is also a network mode which is unfortunately quite basic. The connection is quite good, and the matchmaking itself is also quite fast, but don’t expect too much gaming since the online limit is quite limited. GT Sport is a testament to how online can be a phenomenal way to play, so I hope Milestone will further upgrade this mode through patches.

Although the game has a lot of content, the developers have already offered as many as three DLCs with additional engines, and there is also an easy pass that will provide plenty of engines and campaign opportunities, so keep this in mind if you want the full experience.
If you’d like to get started with motorcycle gaming, I recommend you head over to play 123 and check out their motorcycle section! This is an amazing casual player alternative until you can grow into playing the top games like Ride 3.

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