Are cigarettes ruining our generation?

Welcome to 2020 where things are just falling apart and none of us have the power to actually have control over anything. From the fire in the forest to a virus that has taken thousands of lives, nothing seems to be going right. But it would be a wrong thing to say that it is the worst thing that has happened as mankind was already being damaged way before. You can consider it as just upgraded versions of our problems. One such problem that is sinking the lives of people is a cigarette. This little thing has been damaging the lives of people and we are not having any control over it. We all know that it is one of the most harmful things to consume but still we are not stopping its consumption at all.

There have been billions of death cases in which the reason was smoking. And it is not like we are unaware of this fact. We all know about it but did we decide to stop smoking? Nope! Not at all. In fact, the number of smokers in the world has increased in the past few years and do you know why? Our new generation is being introduced to the concept of smoking. We just have a single question and that is, is it fine? We mean, it is the generation who is holding the future of this planet and they are getting involved in this. It can be the worst nightmare for anyone. If you think that it is the matter of not getting scared then it is totally a wrong thought. We will come back to the generation but before that, can we just focus on one thing and that is the disadvantage of smoking?

There are a lot of diseases that you can catch if you smoke. When we talk about diseases of smoking lung cancer is the first disease that comes to mind. It is one of the worst diseases that anyone can suffer from. There are countless deaths that have happened due to smoking and this shows how bad this is for your health. The smoke gets into the lung and not only it affects the oxygen supply in the body but also affects our lungs. In fact, we would like to replace the word effects with damages because it literally damages our lungs. Can you imagine messing up with an organ through which you breathe?

No, we never think it that way but it happened and this is surely the worst thing that can happen to you. There are some disgusting images online of lungs that have suffered from the habit of smoking and you can have a look if you want to get motivated for quitting smoking. Lung cancer is the disease that can be treated but there is no surety that the treatment will work and also, what is the point of taking a risk with your life? Let us all talk about asthma which is one of the diseases that can make you feel like sinking in the sea. This disease literally limits the supply of oxygen in the body and that’s why this is one disease that can end your life with miserable, unimaginable, and unbearable pain.

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Smoking triggers this disease also. And the reason is obvious since smoking directly affects the lungs, this disease is bound to happen. In fact, every person who smokes will have breathing problems. These are some of the diseases that are better away from us and the worst part of living at this time is that our generation is moving towards these problems at a very fast rate. Our generation is suffering and we are helpless. There are actually a lot of reasons and the first one is showing off. Our generation is so much into showing off that the stage of getting matured and flexed is coming way earlier in them and this is not at all healthy. Be it emotionally, mentally, physically or sociology, this is something that should not be happening at any cost.  These kids are so much into getting mature and flexing their parents’ money that they are ruining their lives. One other thing that is just disgusting about cigarettes is the prices. There are some really cheap cigarette brands that are selling cigarettes at reasonable prices and that’s why people are buying them.

Due to the availability of cheap cigarettes, kids are easily buying them and this is affecting them tremendously. One good thing is that the government of many places is having fair knowledge and ideas about it and that’s why there has been some good regulation about this matter. For example, there are some places where you cannot buy this stuff without the legal age proof. The government has set up an age under which you cannot buy them and this has helped a lot. But not so much as there are a lot of underage people who are stealing their parent’s ID cards and getting cigarettes.

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Now we know, you must be thinking that the shopkeeper doesn’t check it before giving cigarettes to the people. The reality is that they do but not so carefully. Obviously, if the person is looking too young then it can be a matter of concern but if the person is having traits of a grown-up person, then it is not really a matter in which the shopkeeper will include his hands. Here the responsibility of the parents comes as they should be concerned about the activities of their children. These days parents are giving all sorts of liberty to the children and this is good, freedom should never be stopped. But forgetting your limits is something that can cost you a lot. If you are a parent who is reading this, then we are saying you to be more strict, we are just asking you to be more attentive and aware of what your children are doing as there is nothing good that is going on in the world of cigarettes.