Should I invest in Elo Boosting?

Whenever you play games you will notice that there are mainly three kinds of players. Firstly, the normal everyday joe people playing games without any sketchy practices, then there are smurfs which if you are a gamer you will hate for sure. Then there are boosted players, simply put in the term you can understand boosting is getting someone better to play in your account and paying them money so that you can reach higher ranks in competitive games. Now people have always been skeptical about why they should do boosting or if it even is the right thing to do, there are many problems once you boost your account but if you have been stuck in the same rank despite trying every day to get better but still see no results maybe you should try Elo boosting. This trend of boost did not start with league of legends or any other game you play these days, it started around 1980 with the game avatar, sounds pretty incredulous but it is true.

How does it work

Elo boosting (also known as matchmaking rating-boosting is when someone else will play for you and will boost your account to a higher rank which you cannot reach on your own. To do the following, the person needs to give his credentials to the booster in order to do it which comes with its own risks but if you research properly you can find people who are trustworthy and reliable. After the booster does its work on the account (boost it) then the players get it back and they can play in the higher league. This sounds simple and some people even believe that boosting is a bad thing but there are other aspects to it which most people are ignorant about.

Everyone playing competitive games has goals in their minds when they start the game (or even when there is a new season with fresh rankings) which sometimes they achieve and sometimes they do not. People who are confident in their own skills don’t bother to boost but people who don’t have a lot of time in their day to do all the grunt work sometimes boost. There are times when we all need a little help achieving our goals and Elo boosting is that help for those people struggling in the low-tier ranking. Some people just want to get a better skin which is only available after a lot of grunt work, some want to beat their all-time high ranking scores or any other reasons which people need a little help with, they boost. There are even companies that help with boosting, like zaros boosting who have excellent prices and best offers for new people.

Elo boosting has its own benefit for the person who is doing it, first and foremost you don’t have to do any of the grunt work which is time consuming and boring sometimes. You can use this time to better things and practice your gaming skills. Reaching a certain tier in a game can be time-consuming and can even lead to stress and anxiety problems if people start taking their games seriously. This is why sometimes people recommend boosting your account and it has its own benefits like going out and enjoying the real world while someone else is working in your place. Sitting all in front of your computer while someone is working on your account is ideal since sometimes you should take breaks from playing games all day which can be harmful at times. In games like League of legends where getting from one league to another like (bronze 3 to gold 5 for instance) can take months, literally months which can be tedious and time-consuming if you don’t know your way around the game.

Games like League of legends are really big and after months and months of hard work you reach high levels (most of the time it takes years) which is a really long period of time and people can become attached to their accounts which are totally understandable. These people don’t want anyone to play on their accounts and become so protective that they start getting insecure about boosting and giving your account credentials to some stranger and paying them. There are risks to this venture but not all people are shady. After all, you can never be sure if someone will hack into your account using those credentials and take all your years and years of hard work and drain it down to nothing, which can be so infuriating at times. But Most of them are just trying to make an honest living by boosting some accounts and getting them to high tiers. There are companies that you can trust like Zaros boosting which is a great resource for people looking to boost. Good booster companies use unique IP addresses and make it look like they are gaming on a platform with a single id which can help you avoid getting banned.

There are numerous factors that determine how much it is going to cost you to boost your account. The main driving factor can be the gap between the ranks, for example, if you are just trying to get one or two ranks above, it won’t cost you much, but going to a really high tier rank where it is safe to say everyone is a pro it will cost much more. Like in games like League of legends going from bronze to diamond is a significant increase in rank and can cost you a big sum of money. So is boosting worth it, it can depend on you and a number of other factors, the driving factor being if you have the resources to do it and if you are stuck in the same rank despite trying your best, then maybe Elo boosting is your best bet and you should go for it. In the end it’s about enjoying the game and it’s up to you how you want to enjoy it.