Advantages of white hat SEO – the final chapter

Today we are in our third and last session of SEO discussion. In the previous two articles, we discussed various advantages and drawbacks of both the black hat and white hat SEO techniques. Today in this article, we will start our discussion from where we ended in the last episode, we will talk about white hat SEO in more details. Before we start, let me remind you once again that we are the top SEO Las Vegas and we can make a huge difference in your online business, in a positive way of course. Let’s start then, shall we?

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The Advantages of White Hat SEO: In our last chapter, we talked about the cons of white hat SEO. I guess you are not very glad reading all those drawbacks of white hat SEO. However, despite all those disadvantages, white hat SEO was, is, and will be ruling the most of SEO game. Because, the cons we have been discussing, can be overpowered with the time and effort and a solid white hat strategy. So, let’s talk about how to defeat those cons.

  1. Time: White hat SEO is of course time-consuming. However, you can shorten the time increasing your effort. No, I’m not talking about working 16 hours instead of 8 hours. What I meant to say is, you can use some affordable SEO service (like ours, Bobs SEO) and let them do the work for you. By reviewing your site, we can give you a comprehensive SEO and social media plan, and we will work together to improve your site’s ranking for your target keywords. We, Bobs SEO, have a team of experienced SEO specialists who worked for many such projects over the last few years and achieved great success.
  2. Consistency: Here again, our team will work on your project, every single day and you’ll get weekly and monthly report of the rank improvement in your email. Even when we are done with your project, we will further offer you a low-cost maintenance package, where we will continue working on your site day in and day out, to maintain the rank we achieved.
  3. Cost: I know that when you hire an SEO agency, it can be expensive. However, it’s not true always. SEO is costly; only if you want it to be. Let me explain. First, there’s not much sites or businesses which need worldwide promotion and ranking. In most cases, you probably need a local ranking. Like, say if you are a dentist in Las Vegas, do you need to get ranked in Google ranking of South Africa? Most likely, not. You need a rank in the USA, and not even in the whole USA, but only in local search results of Las Vegas. But most SEO agencies do not explain their client and charge them exorbitantly, to increase their profit margin. We, in Bobs SEO, we do not believe in such dishonest practices, and we offer our clients a very straightforward approach. You only pay for what you need. And to rank for a specific search term locally is much affordable than to rank globally for the same search term, which you don’t need most likely.